2014 Popcorn Fundraiser

Important Dates:

Help Pack 93 continue to be able to provide free/low cost activities for its Scouts. You can do this by selling Trails End popc

1.  Door to door

    • When going door to door, always go with a buddy and have an adult nearby. Wearing your Class “A” uniform is helpful too. Cash/Check donations for popcorn to our military taken from door to door sales to support the military do not need to be $30 or $50 – accept any amount! We will pool together these donations when we make the final order.

2.  Online

    • Online sales are easy to do! It is a great option for involving family and friends out of town in our fundraiser. Just create an account at Trails End and register as a Scout. Then you can go to “Spread the Word” and send emails directly to your friends and family that will contain a link to place their orders online. Online orders count towards your prize earnings! Important to know:
      • Council: Greater Alabama
      • District: Vulcan
      • Unit: Pack 3093

3.  Show & Sell

    • Show & Sells are a great option for your Scout to help out the Pack. Show & Sells are when we sell popcorn outside of a business and collect donations for sending popcorn to the military. Scouts that participate will earn credit towards popcorn awards depending on how much popcorn is sold/military donations at the Show & Sell he attends. We have 2 Show & Sells lined up to date (Sign up here):

Also, we will have a small selection of popcorn products on hand to sell starting next week. If you’d like to have some to sell door to door, you may check out the popcorn from Rosa Hill or Daisy Xing. Please note that once you take the popcorn, you are responsible for returning the popcorn given out and/or for the money of the popcorn sold by the date on your check out form.

There are lots of nice prize options this year too!

Checks should be made out to “Pack 93.”

Recap of Important Dates:

Popcorn contacts:

Rosa Hill:; 453-4358 (home); 803-439-1180 (cell)
Daisy Xing:

Pack 93 Committee


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